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zeppelin-xx: Keep that dick coming baby》》》

Sure will babe ;-)

Anonymous: Heyyyy



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you ever heard a instrumental so beautiful that it made you sad?

Life by J Dilla


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sonic06apologist: What did Henry Rollins do?


He said he lost respect for Robin Williams cause he killed himself. And went on to say, qouting a CDC statistic and this personally pissed me off. 

"Almost 40,000 people a year kill themselves in America, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In my opinion, that is 40,000 people who blew it."

and his little essay he wrote. Like he needs to chill

5 Tips for a Poor Witch!


1. Water is an amazing multipurpose thing.

Water is one of the building blocks of life, and so it can be given as an offering of thanks to gods and the earth.

If you feel it’s not enough to simply pour some from the tap, a blessing can be said over it, or the water can be boiled, filtered, or…

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I think this is the most romantic thing to ever happen to me
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Every Morning…
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Cookies yah

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