i never knew friendzoning boys was as easy as saying thanks im gonna use my manners more

further evidence that straight boys think compliments are magic words that are supposed to make women immediately strip naked 

What’s the appropriate, non-friendzoning response?
"You look pretty today."
"Okay, fine, I’ll suck your dick."

when will  straight boys stop
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A lot of people complain about the night, and how lonely they feel inside their bed. But that’s not how it works for me. I notice I’m lonely at 9 am. When the sun wakes me up and everything is silent around me. I notice I’m lonely at 1 pm. When I walk down the street knowing I  have no one to go visit. I notice I’m lonely at 3 pm. When I draw on my yellow paper knowing there’s no one to say “This drawing is from me to you. I think about you a lot. ” I notice I’m lonely at 6 pm. When I look in the mirror and my body is untouched. There’s no sign of someone else living, touching, breathing my body.  It makes me sad thinking how much love I’m willing to give and it’s all going wasted because after all, maybe some people aren’t meant to be with someone.

Wow…it’s like for once someone peered into my head, unlocked my mind and typed the words I never dare to say. Part of me wishes to think, “Gosh, I’m so happy it’s not just me.” But I can never be happy that someone feels as hollow as I do. It’s a feeling that should never be felt, but know I’m praying for you and hope you find someone one day. Someone wonderful, for both you and I.
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Marlene Dumas
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Can everyone just be like Dylan?
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Here are some wonderful facts about Sea World’s orcas!
The average lifespan of wild orcas ranges from 30-50 years, although some females can easily make it past 80 (a wild orca named J2 or ‘Granny’ is 103 this year!). The lifespan of a Sea World orca is around 25 years, the median age being 9. But at least they put on a good show!
Don’t worry, collapsed dorsal fins are a common condition, although in the wild only sick or injured orcas have collapsed dorsal fins. All of Sea World’s males and some females have it, it makes them look unique! 
The size of Sea World’s tanks compared to an orca is about the same as a human to a bathtub. Lot’s of room to stretch and move!
Wild orcas swim 100+ miles a day, they would have to swim around their tank 1,400+ times a day to achieve that. But that seems like a lot of work, and you may see the animals hanging out near the surface of the water or on the bottoms of their tanks for hours. That’s a lot more relaxing than swimming all those miles!
Sea World gives their orcas a Valium-like drug to stop the whales from acting aggressively towards each other and to numb their minds from their vastly uninteresting concrete tanks. Buying a ticket to Sea World is an excellent way to help them pay for these drugs that they pump their animals full with!
Many captive orcas show abnormal behaviors like head bobbing, chewing on concrete, and self mutilation by banging their heads into the side of the tank. Obviously just temper-tantrums! Silly things.
In the wild, there has been only one orca attack. Bad orca! While in captivity, there have been over 100 attacks and 4 deaths. These animals just need more training, it couldn’t possibly be related to their confinement! 
Food is used as reinforcement for tricks. Do a trick, get your dinner. Don’t want to do a trick? I guess you don’t eat tonight you stubborn thing! 
See? Sea World isn’t as bad as people make it out to be! Oh, one more fact: for every $1,000,000 Sea World makes, about $600 goes into conservation efforts (about $0.5 a ticket). I’m so glad they care about conservation of the ocean! Amazing work!
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If you haven’t realized it yet, this post is 100% sarcastic. It should be obvious, but not everyone understands sarcasm…

Please don’t let this die
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Sayaka Yoshino + Kishin Shinoyama
- 篠山 紀信 Shinoyama Kishin
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I have never in my life seen this image photoshopped as the guy wanted it
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*looks in the mirror*

I’m going to get everything I want because I deserve it because I am a wonderful person. I am kind, caring, intelligent, inspiring, giving, beautiful, talented, selfless, focused and ambitious. I deserve everything I want and I will get it. I will get it because I speak it. I will speak it into the universe and it will materialize via hard work. I will never stop working.

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let’s 96 (ignore each other)

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One of my absolute favorite Malcolm X quotes

The Malcom X they don’t show you. 
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tomorrow is september 11th. to all my muslims, please be careful. please.

especially in NYC where i ride metro daily, especially the main train that takes me directly to world trade center so i can transfer to other trains, be careful.

if you can, try to avoid using the train or any public places where you assume is unsafe.

there are crazy people out there. allah ma3ak.

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